If you are in the market for a new fence but are a little unsure if it will work because your property is uneven or on an incline? Don’t worry! Ozark Fence, one of the top-rated fence companies in Missouri is here to help you navigate all of the literal ups and downs of your new fence installation! Ozark Fence has all of the necessary equipment to make sure your fence is installed properly so it will last and look great for years to come!! 


Continue reading to learn about the most common installation methods for fences on an incline from the experts at Ozark Fence

Before You Install Your Missouri Residential Fence

The main thing you need to know before installing a new fence is that you do not need to flatten out your property! Our team of experts is trained to work with all types of landscapes, property grades, and sloped, hilly terrain. That’s just one of the many reasons that Ozark Fence is considered one of the top-rated fence companies in Missouri.  


A consideration when planning your new fence installation is maintenance. It is important to know that fences installed along slopes or hills may require unique maintenance. Because hills are prone to soil erosion, fence posts can become unstable over time. To avoid potential collapses, you should routinely check your fence for areas of soil erosion and replace any soil or fill as needed. 


Just because your fence is installed on uneven ground doesn’t mean you have fewer options for customization. There are just as many types and styles available for fences installed on uneven ground as fences installed on a flat surface. Whatever the priorities, there is a fence to fit your needs. Whether it be the low-maintenance requirements of an aluminum fence, the attractive charm of a traditional ornamental iron fence, the natural look of a wood fence, or the cost-effective low-maintenance qualities of a chain link fence, our Missouri residential fence company has many options to reflect your style and budget preferences. 

Methods Used for Installing Fences on Inclines 

The two most commonly used methods for installing fences on a hilly or sloped property are stepping and racking. There are pros and cons to each of these installation methods, and our team of fence experts is here to help you make the right decision for your Missouri residential fence. 

Racked Fencing in Springfield, Missouri

The most popular way to install a fence along a slope or incline is Racking. A racked fence follows the slope of the ground to create a seamless look. The bottom of each fence picket is aligned with the ground, meaning that each picket is placed slightly lower than the picket preceding it as you move down the slope. Individual fence posts are placed slightly lower than the post preceding it. This technique creates a uniform and smooth look for your fence. 


If you decide to install a wood fence along a slope, the top and bottom rails of the fence will be installed at an angle, creating a seamless, level top and bottom edge between each fence post. The same would be done with a decorative aluminum fence, a chain link fence, or an ornamental iron fence. A racked fence sits very close to the ground and serves to prevent small children or your family pet from being able to go underneath. 


Racked fences are suitable for yards with less steep inclines, but this technique is not suitable for all properties. If your property is on a steeper incline, you will need to consider installing a stepped fence instead. 

Stepped Fencing in Springfield, Missouri

Unlike racked fences that create a smooth rail line, a stepped fence, as the name suggests, has a rail that looks like stairs or steps. While racked fences create a smooth rail line, stepped fences have a rail line that is shaped like stairs or steps. Stepped fencing works well for properties that are set on a steeper hill or incline. When installing a stepped fence, each post is placed slightly lower than the preceding post, similar to racked fences. However, the top and bottom rails are placed perpendicular to the rails rather than being aligned with the ground. This creates the appearance of a set of steps. 


Whether you are installing an aluminum, wood, chain link, or ornamental iron fence, there will be a triangular gap between the ground and the bottom rail. This gap may make room for small children or pets to escape from your yard, so this option may not be the best for all properties. 

We’re Here to Help With Missouri Residential Fence Installation

The choice of whether you install a stepped or racked fence will depend on your property, your style, and your individual family needs. If you have any questions, our team of experienced and friendly experts is here to help! 

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