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Ornamental Iron Fencing

With an exceptional limited lifetime warranty and maintenance-free care, superior engineering ensures worry-free fencing.

Ozark Fence is proud to offer the supply and installation of Ameristar Montage ornamental fencing systems. These fencing systems come with a minimum of 3 rails, more depending on fence height. A Montage fencing system is an ideal choice for your business. Whether you are interested in security or improving your property's curb appeal, the Montage fencing system offers a variety of styles and colors to fit any commercial application. The Montage fencing system is known for its superior quality, value and industry leading warranty; making it the 1st choice for most commercial applications. This fencing system is fusion-welded with maintenance free E-Coat and a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty!

Explore our ornamental iron fencing options to see if iron fencing is right for your Springfield, Missouri property.

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Yes! Learn more about Ameristar Fence's limited lifetime warranty.

Ozark Fence faqs

All posts, panels and components used to create our ornamental iron fence and gate systems are manufactured by Ameristar Perimeter Security USA Inc. All major components used to create the fence and gate systems undergo coil processing*, roll forming*, metal processing, coating and packaging within Ameristar's facility headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Absolutely! Our Montage Plus Pool, Pet and Play (PPP) is an ideal choice for a dog fence, pool fence or child safety fence. It was created to combat safety concerns in these applications. The primary difference in Montage Plus PPP is the 3" airspace between pickets.

Major corrosion problems start from the inside. Protection against corrosion starts with a proven process, which is why all our ornamental iron products are treated with a superior E-Coat process that protects the product with complete coverage inside and out. The galvanized steel framework is subjected to a multi-stage pre-treatment/wash (with zinc phosphate), followed by a duplex cathodic electrocoat system consisting of an epoxy primer, which significantly increases corrosion protection, and an acrylic topcoat, which provides the protection necessary to withstand adverse weathering effects.

Typically we wait 2-3 days after the posts are set before installing the fence, this is to allow the concrete to cure to the point that it is ready to hold the fence. If the nighttime temperatures climb about 60 that time frame can decrease, if they fall below 30 degrees, then we typically give the concrete a bit longer to cure.

Our posts are set two feet, deep enough to get below the frost line found in the Springfield, Missouri area.

Our posts are set with Sakrete brand concrete. This is important for two reasons:

  1. Sakrete costs a bit more than mixing concrete ingredients by hand, but it results in a consistent blend of portland cement, sand and gravel. By using Sakrete we are using a product that is tested for an average of 4000 psi. Some fence companies will buy ingredients individually to cut costs.

  2. Sakrete is backed by an actual concrete company. Fencing contractors that cut costs by mixing ingredients individually have inconsistent mixes from post to post and have no recourse if the concrete mixture fails.

The property owner is required by many area city municipalities to apply for a building permit with the planning or zoning department prior to construction. The counties do not typically require a permit; however, fences must still conform to all height and set back requirements.