Wood fences are well-loved for their natural appearance, warmth, and charm, but the prospect of regularly replacing the worn-out fence posts may scare you away. Thankfully, the experts at one of the top-rated fence companies in Missouri, Ozark Fence, are installing steel PostMaster fence posts for wood fences throughout the Springfield area. Let us break down why we love PostMaster posts! 

What are PostMaster Fence Posts?

PostMaster fence posts are steel posts that are designed specifically to replace normal wood fence posts. They are created from galvanized steel, protecting them from rusting and rotting, unlike traditional wood fence posts. PostMaster posts come in a variety of heights and work with almost every style of wood fencing, creating an attractive fence from both sides. 

The Benefits of PostMaster Posts – Expert Springfield, Missouri Fence Contractors Weigh In

#1 Longevity 

While many fence posts fall victim to rotting and rusting, the durable galvanized steel material in PostMaster fence posts prevents them from this same fate! Traditionally, when installing a wood fence, the posts are placed into the ground into concrete and then covered with dirt. Water from the surrounding soil can seep into the fence post and bugs can make the post their home leading to a rotting, broken-down fence post. 


Unlike traditional wood posts, with PostMaster posts you do not have to worry about the steel breaking down or becoming food for insects. Additionally, thanks to their galvanized coatings, PostMaster posts resist rusting, further extending their lifespan!  

#2 Strength 

Where normal wood posts may fail, PostMaster fence posts exceed; PostMaster fence posts are several times stronger than their standard counterparts. Wood fence posts can crack and break, especially when exposed to high winds or difficult weather conditions. On the other hand, PostMaster posts are much more resistant to strong winds, built-up snow, or other pushing forces. 


PostMaster fence posts come with a manufacturer warranty that guarantees the post’s integrity in conditions up to 70 MPH. In comparison, the approximate wind load of a standard wood fence post is only 35 MPH. If stormy conditions are on the horizon, call the experts at one of the top-rated fence companies in Missouri and let us help you install PostMaster posts! 

#3 Lifetime Warranty 

While wood posts rarely ever carry a manufacturer warranty, PostMaster posts are backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer warranty. With this warranty, your fence posts are protected against rust and corrosion, ensuring that your investment is protected. 


While PostMaster posts may be more expensive upfront, their lifetime warranty ensures that your decision to invest in a more expensive fence is protected. On the other hand, when a wood fence post rusts or corrodes, you must replace the post by buying an entirely new post on your own or paying someone to replace the post for you. 

#4 Minimal Maintenance

With a traditional wood fence, the wood fence posts are the first part of the fence to begin breaking down. With exposure to the ground, water, and insects, the posts will begin rotting, warping, and twisting. These posts need to be replaced by digging up the concrete and having the post reset in the ground. 


Our Springfield, Missouri fence contractors love PostMaster posts because they never need to be replaced. Instead of taking on an expensive repair project, you can rest assured knowing that your PostMaster post is just as strong and sturdy as it was on installation day! 

#5 Improved Appearance

PostMaster posts solve the issue of deciding if you or your neighbors will be looking at the posts of your new wood fence. The PostMaster fence posts are built in line with the fence and are easily covered with an additional board meaning that your fence looks attractive from all slides! 


Thanks to their unique construction, PostMaster posts are much thinner than traditional wood posts, decreasing the total width of your fence. This is especially important when your new wood fence is being installed along an existing fence. The thinner posts will prevent a large space from being formed between the two fences which will be hard to maintain and may collect debris that will be difficult to retrieve. 


Photo of a PostMaster Post for wood fence in Springfield, MO
  • They will not warp, shrink, or rot.
  • Withstands up to 73 MPH winds.
  • Designed to work with standard 2×4 rails on most styles of wood fences.
  • Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty.
  • Posts can be easily hidden from view on both sides with a single board.


Learn More About PostMaster Fence Posts from a Springfield, Missouri Fence Contractor

PostMaster fence posts have many unique benefits that improve the overall quality and design of our wood fences. At Ozark Fence, we pride ourselves on the quality and longevity of our fences and want our customers to be informed about their purchases. For more in-depth information about the benefits of PostMaster fence posts, check out our YouTube video!

Steel Posts from One of the Top-Rated Fence Companies in Missouri 

At Ozark Fence, we are committed to providing you with a high-quality fence that is designed to last for years. To get started on your next wood fence project, reach out to us online or give us a call at (417) 221-4433. We look forward to showing you the Ozark Fence difference and what makes us the top Springfield, Missouri fence contractor!