Wood Fences Are Beautiful!

Ozark Fence Company uses Master Halco's patented PostMaster steel post for wood fencing. It is engineered to provide you with the strength of steel without sacrificing the natural beauty of wood. Constructed of structural steel with a heavy galvanized coating, PostMaster can withstand high winds and heavy rain and will never rot or warp.

wood fencing in Springfield Missouri

Key Benefits of Wood Fencing

The versatility of wood fences cannot be matched by any other type of fence. Besides being environmentally friendly, they are a gorgeous option to transform your outdoor living space.

Wood Fences Are


Wood is not only beautiful, but it is also affordable, blends well in every setting, and is an environmentally friendly option. Wood fences are some of the most affordable fence options available to homeowners in Missouri.

Wood Fences Are


Wood fences can stand-up to high winds and harsh weather. Installed with the PostMaster post system, which is engineered to provide you with the strength of steel without sacrificing the natural beauty of wood. Your new wood fence can withstand high winds, won't shrink, warp or rot like wood posts.

Wood Fences Are


If you are looking to add a beautiful, modern look to the exterior of your property while increasing your privacy, a wood fence is a great choice. With many different transparent and solid stain colors to choose from, you are sure to find the right shade for you.

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Key Features of Our Cedar Wood Fences

Our cedar wood fences are custom built with many additional special features which make them some of the best wood fences you will find in the entire Springfield Missouri region.

Wood fence features popular with Springfield Missouri homeowners

Regardless of the specific style of wood fence you choose for your Springfield property, all of our wood fences come standard with the following key features:

  1. Posts - Ozark Fence Company uses PostMaster steel posts for all of our wood fencing. Since the posts are covered with wood, they are engineered to provide you with the strength of steel without sacrificing the natural beauty of wood. Constructed of structural steel with a heavy galvanized coating, PostMaster posts can withstand high winds and heavy rain and will never rot or warp.
  2. Wood Rails - Unlike many competitors, we use a middle rail (a 3rd rail) for added strength and to avoid warping and bowing, commonly found in poorly installed wood fences all across the Springfield, Missouri region.
  3. Wood Pickets - Cedar pickets are far stronger than a builder grade wood or any other treated wood picket. Natural oils in cedar make it resistant to insect infestations, rotting, and harsh weather conditions. Because of these oils, cedar fences also age quite well, maintaining their color rather than fading to gray as some wood fences tend to do over time.

Wood fences are the most popular type of fencing in the Springfield, Missouri area.

Nothing quite matches the look of a well-crafted custom wood fence.

Wood fencing is totally appropriate for providing privacy around the perimeter of a Springfield, Missouri property - whether it has a pool or not.

Many homeowners will also protect the immediate area around the pool itself. In this case, we typically recommend either aluminum fencing or vinyl fencing - both of which will not be damaged by the moisture associated with a pool area.

Pricing on all fencing materials can fluctuate, but generally speaking, the up-front cost of wood fencing is usually lower than other types of fencing. However, because wood fencing needs to be painted or refinished over time - the total cost of ownership should be factored into your purchase.

We recommend you seal your fence in order to prolong the beauty of your investment. This can be done either by purchasing a penetrating sealant of your choosing and applying per the directions or by hiring a contractor. Ozark fence is proud to offer staining and sealing services for all your sealing and protection needs.

We use a ring shank galvanized nail. This nail is designed to grip the wood and allow for only minimal bleed. Because a nail is metal and bleeding is inevitable even with a galvanized coating, we counter sinks the nail into the picket in an attempt to direct the bleed into the center of the picket versus down the face. If you would prefer screws, we are willing to use them on your fence; however, it is not recommended. Using screws will drive the cost of the fence up because there are more man hours required during installation.

Screws are more likely to bleed than nails even if they are galvanized. The reason there is more bleed is because as the screw is screwed into the wood, the galvanized coating is stripped off of the screw either from the wood itself and/or the drill tip.

Our warranty covers several aspects of the fence:

  • Workmanship - Ozark Fence offers a lifetime workmanship warranty.
  • Material - Warranties vary by manufacturer. Please inquire for more information.

Typically we wait 2-3 days after the posts are set before installing the fence, this is to allow the concrete to cure to the point that it is ready to hold the fence. If the nighttime temperatures climb to about about 60 degrees, the time frame can decrease, if they fall below 30 degrees, then we typically give the concrete a bit longer to cure.

Our posts are set two feet, deep enough to get below the frost line found in the Springfield, Missouri area.

Our posts are set with Sakrete brand concrete. This is important for two reasons:

  1. Sakrete costs a bit more than mixing concrete ingredients by hand, but it results in a consistent blend of portland cement, sand and gravel. By using Sakrete we are using a product that is tested for an average of 4000 psi. Some fence companies will buy ingredients individually to cut costs.

  2. Sakrete is backed by an actual concrete company. Fencing contractors that cut costs by mixing ingredients individually have inconsistent mixes from post to post and have no recourse if the concrete mixture fails.

The property owner is required by many area city municipalities to apply for a building permit with the planning or zoning department prior to construction. The counties do not typically require a permit; however, fences must still conform to all height and set back requirements.

Wood Fence FAQs

Let's dig through the "dirt" on wood fences.

wood fence faqs