If you are a dog owner, your pup is an important part of the family, so keeping them safe and secure at your Springfield, Missouri home, should be your top priority. Having a fenced-in yard allows your dog to run and play freely while remaining safe and secure within the confines of your property. Ozark Fence, one of the top-rated fence companies in Missouri, is here to show you the best options available for your new Missouri residential fence.

Protect Your Dog With a Wood Fence

Wood fencing is one of the more popular choices among pet owners as it provides both excellent privacy and security along with giving your property great curb appeal. Wood fence in either pressure-treated pine or cedar gives your yard a more natural, eco-friendly look and can be customized in a variety of ways. If your dog is excitable and has a tendency to bark at people and other dogs walking by, then a wood fence is a great option because it not only restricts your dog’s view of what’s going on outside your yard but it also can act as a sound barrier as well. 


Wood is less resistant to damage caused by dogs jumping, scratching, and chewing, so if you have a large or high-energy dog, then your fence may require more maintenance and repair than is typically needed. For an added layer of protection and to increase the longevity of your wood fence, you can choose to take advantage of our fence staining and sealing services. Check out many of our wood fence projects in the photo gallery section of our website. For more information about what styles might be the best fit for you and your dog, you can check out the many options on our wood fencing page.

Security and Curb Appeal with Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are not only secure and solid, but they also have a very attractive appearance. With the combination of its longevity and low maintenance qualities, aluminum fencing makes an excellent fence option for dog owners. Aluminum fence provides a classic, attractive look for your property and because of its durability is resistant to much of the damage that dogs can cause over time. Take a look at the aluminum fencing options on our website. 

Chain Link Fencing Makes Great Dog Enclosures

Chain link fencing is not only low maintenance, but it’s also budget-friendly. That being the case, chain link fencing is a very popular option for homeowners and dog owners alike. There are a few options for customizations that will not only improve the look of your fence but will extend its already long life! Ordering your chain link fence with a PVC coating will not only make your fence more attractive but will also add protection from rust and cut down on the already minimal maintenance requirements. The addition of privacy slats can obscure a normally open view, meaning fewer distractions for your dog which results in less barking! Visit our chain link page to see the options available.

Ornamental Iron Creates a Strong Barrier For Your Dog

An ornamental iron fence is another great option when you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable, and attractive Missouri residential fence. Our American-made ornamental iron fence system offers a lifetime warranty and is basically maintenance-free. Ornamental iron fence is known for its superior strength and durability and comes in a variety of heights, styles, and colors. Take a look at our ornamental iron page to see how versatile and attractive an ornamental fence can be. 

Choose the Best Missouri Residential Fence For Your Family

Wood, aluminum, chain link, and ornamental iron fencing are all popular options when you want to protect your four-legged family members. Each type of fencing that we have covered will provide safety and security for your dog. However, when deciding on which specific fence will best suit the needs of your family, it’s important to keep in mind your dog’s temperament and personality. If they tend to be easily distracted, which leads to excessive barking, then a more solid fence that blocks your dog’s view would be the advisable choice. 


If your dog is adventurous and active, then a tall fence might help prevent your dog from jumping over and running away. Whatever the case, you will need a durable, low-maintenance fence that can stand up to the damage dogs can cause by jumping, pawing, or scratching. Contact Ozark Fence, one of the top-rated fence companies in Missouri to discuss which residential fence will be your best option. 

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