In the Springfield, MO region, there’s more to consider than simply price and functionality when it comes to installing a fence at your home or business. Everyone wants their fence to look amazing! With ornamental iron fences, property owners in the region have access to stylish, long-lasting accents for every area it touches. We’ll explain the advantages and distinguishing features of an ornamental iron fence for you today!

Is Ornamental Iron Fencing the Same as Wrought Iron Fencing?

Springfield, Missouri, residents use a variety of different terms to describe metal fences, which might be confusing. Are ornamental iron, wrought iron, and steel all the same? Come on, let’s check it out!


To begin with, the terms “ornamental iron fence” and “ornamental steel fence” are interchangeable. On the other hand, a wrought iron fence offers a few unique properties that make it a different type of fencing.


For centuries, wrought iron fence was manufactured of pure iron and sculpted into the designs needed to make sturdy metal fencing. To mass produce, it is a more complex material because it is heavy and prone to corrosion. Ornamental iron fencing, or ornamental steel fencing, is constructed of an alloy of carbon and iron, which makes it more rust-resistant, lighter, and more easily produced by machines or by hand, yet at a lower cost and on a wider scale of manufacturing than traditional wrought iron fence.


Ornamental iron fence is the more logical option for Springfield, MO households and business owners since it requires less care, is rust resistant, and is less expensive, too.

Ornamental Iron Fencing Pros and Cons in Missouri

Springfield, MO properties look great when ornamental iron fencing is installed in residential or commercial areas. As with anything else, there are always advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Durability of Ornamental Iron Fences for Springfield, MO

Iron is the strongest fence material around!  Ornamental iron fences have a great level of durability, which makes them able to survive severe weather. These fences may outlast many other forms of fencing if they are properly protected. Larger panels, up to 8 feet in length, are available due to the stronger material, resulting in fewer fence posts being required during installation.

Ornamental Iron Fences are Attractive in Missouri

Ornamental iron fence in Missouri has a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic that resembles wrought iron. As the name implies, this kind of fence offers a wide range of alternatives for enhancing its appearance and making it a focal point in your yard.

Missouri’s Maintenance-Free Ornamental Iron Fences

Maintenance-free ornamental iron fences are a popular choice for homeowners in Missouri. Keeping your fence in good condition is as simple as checking for damage and adjusting loose components once a year.

Security Achieved with Ornamental Iron Fences

You may get the protection and aesthetics you want for your Springfield, MO home by installing an ornamental iron fence. The grade and size of your fence will have an influence on the degree of security you have. Get help from our fence specialists to identify the optimal picket width and fence height for your specific situation.

Open Designs in Ornamental Iron Fences

There aren’t many negatives to a beautiful ornamental iron fence that we could think of! Although the space between each rail or picket makes this kind of fence less efficient at providing privacy at your Missouri property, you can get creative with some plants and landscaping to aid with that as well, adding a whole new dimension of beautiful yard ideas.

Scratches on Ornamental Iron Fences in Missouri

Keep an eye out for stray branches in Missouri if you have shrubs or trees near your ornamental iron fence, as these branches may cause unsightly scratches on the iron, which will need to be repaired. Despite the fact that iron is very resistant and long-lasting, it is prone to being injured by impact and will need to be touched up in these kinds of circumstances in order to keep the protective covering intact.

Ornamental Iron Fences in Missouri are Customizable

Ornamental iron fencing, like many other fence forms, may be customized in a variety of ways. From height to length to toppers and shapes, many Missouri property owners enjoy choosing specific designs to match their preferences and property appeal. Designs of ornamental iron fencing may also be adapted to any patches of uneven ground to flow naturally with the property line.


Ornamental iron fences may also be customized to your specifications by sanding, priming, and painting them. Most manufacturers create each style of iron fences in a protective coating and painted black to mimic a classic wrought iron look, however, this can be adjusted.


As a whole, ornamental iron fence is a fantastic option that is becoming more popular among property owners all around Springfield, Missouri for both residential and commercial fencing purposes.

Learn More About Ornamental Iron Fences for Springfield, MO 

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