Installing a new fence is no easy task, especially if you don’t have previous experience in this area. Instead of being overwhelmed by the process, allow Ozark Fence Company, one of the top-rated fence companies in Missouri to help you navigate the process. This article provides seven tips that will help you prepare for your new fence installation. 

#1: Communicate With Your Neighbors

When considering your new fence installation, it’s a good idea to communicate with your neighbors and let them know what you are planning. Giving your neighbors a heads-up about your plans ahead of time is just a considerate thing to do. This is especially important if you share a property line on which the fence is to be installed. If this is the case, they may even offer to help pay for it! Even if they don’t, keeping them in the loop regarding your fence plans may help to reduce any future surprises or misunderstandings. Though it’s not necessary to discuss all of the details, talking to them early in the process can help reduce the chance of friction with them down the road. 

#2: Know the Location of Your Property Lines

Before you begin, make sure you have up-to-date plans for your property so you can verify its boundaries. You can confirm this by reaching out to your local city or county office or by hiring a qualified land surveyor to determine your property lines. Knowing exactly where your property begins and ends is very important when planning a new fencing project. 

#3: Check Your Local Ordinances

Most homeowners associations have regulations regarding the height, type, and color of fencing you can install. It’s advisable to contact your HOA before starting the planning process. Even if you are not in an HOA, your local government may have ordinances in place with regard to the type of fence you can install. Get in touch with your local planning office to verify what is allowed. While your local Missouri fence company experts may be familiar with some of these regulations, it is the responsibility of the property owner to verify all of the details and comply. 

#4: Opt for an Attractive Fence

Once you are clear on what type of fence is permissible from your local authorities, you can now begin browsing your options. Ozark Fence Company is one of the top-rated fence companies in Missouri and has many styles and materials to choose from.  Check out the selection of both their residential and commercial fencing products. After looking at our site for the perfect fence, get an immediate price estimate for your project by using our easy-to-use instant quote tool. This tool allows you to see an aerial view of your property, draw a fence line within your property borders, choose materials, and compare costs. When choosing your fence, consider your existing home’s aesthetic to make sure that the finished project complements your home’s style and look. 

#5: Contact Local Utility Companies

Before scheduling a fence installation, contact your utility companies so they can locate any underground lines. Underground water, electric, or gas lines need to be clearly marked before digging can start. Your Missouri fence company may be familiar with this process, but it’s your responsibility as the property owner to make sure that everything is marked correctly. 

#6: Clean the Area

Once you’ve completed all of the preliminary prep work and your installation is scheduled, spend a little time cleaning up the area where your fence will be installed.  Properly preparing for fence installation will make the project go more smoothly. Make sure there are no major obstacles in the way, pick up any toys in your yard, remove dog waste, and mow the grass if needed.

#7: Choose a Reliable Missouri Fence Company

It’s imperative that you choose a company that provides excellent workmanship, offers outstanding customer service and has solutions for all of your fencing needs. Ozark Fence Company meets all of these requirements and more! We have built our reputation as one of the top-rated fence companies in Missouri and are here to ensure your new project is flawless from start to finish. Check out our YouTube video that answers a few more questions about preparing for your fence installation.

Start Your Fence Project With a Trustworthy Missouri Fence Company

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