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Whether your need is for a whole fence installation or just finishing an existing fence, Ozark Fence offers a wide variety of value added products which can be customized to your individual needs.

Ozark Fence offers the following product lines for your consideration. For additional information on our product lines contact us.


Ozark Fence Company’s Eastern Red Cedar fencing is economical, environmentally safe, and it is guaranteed to last for 15 years. Eastern Red Cedar fence boards are harvested from Southern Missouri in the Ozarks and Northern Arkansas. Wood that is native to the Missouri climate will greatly outlast products harvested in other areas such as Canada, California and overseas. Eastern Red Cedar fence boards are composed of primarily all heartwood, as opposed to sapwood. The heartwood of Eastern Red Cedar is much harder than sapwood and, thus, less likely to weather in color. In addition, the natural oil in the heartwood minimizes mold, decay and insect infestation. The picket that contains heartwood is far stronger than a builder grade wood or any other treated wood picket.

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PostMaster Delivers…
Master Halco’s patented PostMaster steel post for wood fencing is engineered to provide you with the strength of steel without sacrificing the natural beauty of wood. Constructed of structural steel with a heavy galvanized coating, PostMaster can withstand high winds and heavy rain and will never rot or warp. Master Halco guarantees it – every PostMaster steel post is backed by a 15-year limited warranty.* PostMaster provides longevity and performance in a wood fence system whichresults in uncompromised value.

Why use a steel post when I could use wood?
Wood posts rot over time and can warp or twist due to rain, wind or extreme temperatures. The integrity and appearance of a wood fence is lost after the wood posts begin to rot from exposure or termite infestation. This deterioration weakens the post, sometimes to the point where it can no longer hold the fence up. PostMaster gives an ordinary wood fence the strength of steel.

Do I have to sacrifice the look of wood?
No. PostMaster’s in-line design can be easily covered or concealed with matching wood, retaining the esthetics of a wood fence. It can be finished with both sides identical – a true good neighbor fence.

Wood fences built with steel pipe posts and brackets are unsightly because they protrude from the line of fence

Will steel posts withstand high winds?
Yes, if properly engineered. Steel posts are available in a wide range of weights (gauges) and strengths. PostMaster® posts are designed to withstand a 70-mph wind load (6’ Privacy fence with posts spaced every 8’) determined in accordance with the requirements of the 1994 Uniform Building Code for exposure “B”. This is the requirement for building departments in many cities. Be sure to check your local requirements and space your posts accordingly

Will PostMaster rust?
PostMaster’s open design keeps moisture from collecting and the heavy galvanized (zinc) coating helps prevent premature rusting. PostMaster is manufactured using a steel base material conforming to the requirements of ASTM A 653, coating designation G90 galvanized (zinc) coating.

Is PostMaster more expensive than wood posts?
Only slightly. Good quality materials, like good workmanship, always cost a little more. While the initial cost of PostMaster may be slightly more than a wood post, and often less expensive than heavy pipe posts with brackets, the cost of future maintenance outweighs the benefits of a lower initial price.


Ozark Fence is an expert installer of Ameristar Fence Products. That means we have all the skills and know how it takes to install your new Montage Ornamental Steel Fence to last a lifetime! Being an Ameristar preferred installer installer also means that when we install or supply your new Montage fencing system you receive Ameristar’s 20 year E-Coat Manufacturer’s Warranty. Making your new fence certified to stand the test of time!

Montage fences combine the strength of steel with the longevity of aluminum. Residential grade aluminum fencing does not offer the structural integrity of steel, but steel is susceptible to rust and corrosion. Montage fences are protected with an E-Coat process proven in the automotive industry to ensure the application coverage of all exposed surfaces, Ameristar warranties this protection for 20 years.

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Ozark Fence galvanized chain link fences are unique and have their own distinct advantages. We invite you to compare for yourself what makes our galvanized chain link fences a cut above the rest.

A major advantage of the galvanized chain link fencing we install compared to that of most other local suppliers and installers is that our fencing materials are domestically manufactured in the United States and up to three times as strong as comparable imported wire mesh chain link. Our galvanized chain link products consist of cold-formed steel, a 90% zinc interior coating, hot dipped uniform zinc galvanized after fabrication, a conversion coating and finally a clear organic coating. This makes these products much stronger, much more rust resistant and all around far superior to that of other widely used wire mesh products imported from other countries.


Ozark Fence is your source for vinyl coated chain link fencing, available in black and green. Brown is also available by special order. If you’re interested in increasing the value, safety and security of your property coated chain link is a great choice! Our company prides itself on installing fences that last and last, and the special vinyl coating on every color coated chain link fence ensures that your investment will be well worth it in the years to come.


Whether you’re looking for fencing options, pricing information, codes and requirements or even general pool safety information, you’ve come to the right place. At Ozark Fence we take pool safety very seriously and place the safety of others as a top priority. Our pool fences are both beautiful and safe and are built with your safety and security in mind. Our installation experts specialize in pool fencing of several types. Much more than simply adding style and security to your pool area, our fencing provides the safety you need for your family.