Wood Fence Maintenance

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Often, we’re asked by our customers, “What tips, best practices, and product should we use on our new fence to maintain it’s longevity and appearance?”


We like our clients to remember our Cedar fences are covered by a 10 year warranty. Our warranty stands regardless of maintenance or abuse.

We want everyone to know we stand behind our work.


For maintenance, we always recommend staining and sealing the fence to highlight and keep it’s natural luster.

Note, some people prefer the aged look of a weathered fence. The weathered look is a personal preference, and the easiest look to maintain!

If you do choose to stain and seal your fence, we always recommend a penetrating sealant. You want the sealant pulled into the core of the wood where it’s needed the most.

Not all sealants are “penetrating” – it’s up to you, but if you go through the work of protecting your fence, we highly recommend the penetrating option!

Home Improvement stores’ paint departments will have staff available to help you choose the right stain and sealant for your fence.

One important clarification: Thompson’s WaterSeal is not a penetrating sealant!

Here is a helpful video on cleaning and staining your new fence:


Professional Help:

Many customers prefer to trust a professional to clean, stain, and seal their fence.

In this case, we partner with Renew Crew in Springfield and Branson. They do amazing work, and to learn more about them, including contact information, check out their site: http://springfield.renewcrewclean.com.