What Questions Should I Ask My Contractor?

Joe EverestFAQ

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We all have questions and concerns. If you are getting a fence installed it is sensible to make sure you know everything you can about the project and the contractors that will be doing the job for you.

When you first start you need to cover the basics – How Much will this cost? How long will this take? When can you start the project? What materials will you be using? How many members of staff do you have? What access will you need? What time will you start and stop?

Now you have the obvious stuff covered I suggest you look into the contractor’s references. I always like to get reviews, phone numbers of previous clients and maybe even a couple addresses. These addresses would be a recent project and a couple projects 3-6-12 months ago or more. The more recent address would be so you can see what a finished project looks like and the older projects would help you see how a project looks overtime. This can help you combat issues or workmanship over time.

Check their qualifications/accreditations – Make sure they are approved by your local business networks, have they been trading locally for a while, do they have foundations in the area that show they are not just a fly by night firm?