What in the world are all those fittings on my fence? 

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When people think about chain link fences there are usually only 3 things that come to mind. The line post, top rail and terminal/gate post. While those pieces are necessary for keeping your fence standing tall for years, they would be nothing without the proper fittings. Those fittings are the glue that holds it all together, and without them the whole fence would fall apart. Let’s take a look at each of them below. 

PS. The fence used in this video/photos has lived a long life at Ozark Fence, and we thought it earned some face time. So with that being said, please ignore the beauty marks of a long, strong and dependable fence life!

Tension Bar

First thing’s first you’re going to need is a tension bar, but for what? Well, it helps distribute the tension from the fence evenly from the top to the bottom. Without a tension bar your fence would not be properly stretched and would look, well, rather sloppy. 

Tension Band 

Now that the tension bar is installed it’s time to secure it to the terminal post with a tension band. As the name hints this is a band that wraps around the post, connecting it to the tension bar. Take notice that these bands are offset to keep your fence on the outside of the post. 

Brace Band

Next up we have the brace band. Any guesses what this does? That’s right, it connects the rail end to the fence post, keeping the fence line nice and straight. It’s also important to note that unlike the tension band, the brace band is not offset. That’s because you want your top rail running right down the center of the fence, rather than on either side.

Rail End

Speaking of the top rails, we’re going to need to connect them to the post and we do that by using a rail end. Each end is shaped like a cup so that the top rail simply slides in for a secure installation. This also makes it much easier to replace, rather than the alternative of welding it to the post. 

Tie Wire

Last but not least we have the tie wire which helps bring the fence together. Each tie wire attaches the chain link to either the top rail or the fence post, which allows it to stay secure against the framing. Most importantly it keeps your fence looking great for generations to come.

So there you have it, the unsung heroes of a chain link fence. Have a question, or think we missed something? Give us a call at 417- 221-9877.