The TRUE Cost Of Your Fence Explained

Joe EverestFAQ

cost of your fence

Ever considered the cost of your fence? You are looking to invest in a new fence, you find the contractors you want to work with, you select your design, pick a date for install and you get your quote… have you ever wondered what makes up your price? Today I help break out the figures and give you a little peek behind the scenes

There is a lot that goes into making up the price that you see on your quote. We all love a good bargain, we look to haggle, cut costs in places, get a better deal that anyone else but have you ever considered what that might mean for the business, the people or the quality involved within your project. Every time ANY fencing company builds a fence they will need to play the very carefully juggling act of numbers vs quality work.

Within that equation you have to factor in the Materials that are needed for the work. The materials pricing does not change can can only be set by the wholesalers that your contractor is getting them from, there is only so much movement you can have from the suppliers. Labour costs are defined by how many quality workers you need, how well trained they are, what expertise they have, what experience they have and bottomline how much they should get paid for their time. Reducing someone’s wage to fit in a discount isn’t something you would accept in your job, and im sure you wouldn’t want to do to a quality contractor. Then you have overhead, profit and taxes – this trio of fee’s is the foundation of the day to day workings of the business. You can’t miss your rent, you need to make profit to grow and keep trading – and you never stiff the taxman.