The benefits of staining and sealing your fence

Joe EverestUncategorized

We’ve built quality fences in the Ozarks for over 60 years and earlier this spring we introduced a new service; Ozark Fence Stain & Seal. Yup, now we can also provide our amazing customers with quality staining and sealing. The same quality service that you’ve learned to expect with your fencing projects. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having your fence stained and sealed.

The first, and most obvious reason to stain and seal your fence is to either maintain, or enhance the woods natural beauty. We offer a variety of finishes from clear to black, and everything in between. So whether you want to keep the natural look, or want an option that makes your fence pop, you’ll sure to be the envy of the neighbourhood. Our personal favorite is the pecan stain!

Next up is all about the longevity of your fence, because after all why wouldn’t you want it to last for years to come? Like any natural material, wood eventually starts to break down or decay. This can be due to the sun, wind, rain and even insects. So how can you keep this from happening? Well, staining and sealing your fence helps fight against those potential issues. The products we use are made from a blend of non-drying oils that soak into your fence. This creates a protective barrier that helps fight against whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

By now you’re probably starting to see the benefits of staining and sealing your fence, but how often should you do it? Our recommendation is to go ahead and have it done every 2 years. This will keep the oils and conditioner fresh in your fence, allowing for continuous nurturement and protection.

Oh, and don’t worry. Our staining products are safe for your backyard, pets and family. As with everything, our number one priority is to help keep your family safe, which is why we wouldn’t offer something that may be harmful. The ultra low VOC levels also make it healthier for the environment.

So there you have it, some of the more obvious, and less obvious reasons why you should have your fence stain and sealed regularly. Have a question, or ready to make the next steps towards your sealing and staining your fence? Head over to our online estimator, or give us a call at 417-221-4726. We’d love to help you out!