How Deep Should Fence Posts Be Set?

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A good fence needs good fence posts, good foundation and that foundation needs to be deep enough to protect you from frost. One of the biggest issue with fencing is the movement and damage that … Read More

The TRUE Cost Of Your Fence Explained

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cost of your fence

Ever considered the cost of your fence? You are looking to invest in a new fence, you find the contractors you want to work with, you select your design, pick a date for install and … Read More

What Questions Should I Ask My Contractor?

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We all have questions and concerns. If you are getting a fence installed it is sensible to make sure you know everything you can about the project and the contractors that will be doing the … Read More

How To Connect Your Fence to Your House

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attach fence to your house

How do I attach my fence to my house? – Connect your fence to your house? This is a common question but also a strange trick question, the question should be “Should I attach my … Read More