Summer Fence Tips

Joe EverestUncategorized

Now it may feel like summer is almost over, but there are still a couple of months to work on those home improvement projects. One thing that’s often overlooked (until it’s too late) is maintaining and caring for your fence. If you’ve got some extra time on your hands be sure to check out these 4 tips of how to improve the longevity of your fence!

First things first we need a clean fence to see what we’re working with. Now, you may be asking yourself how dirty a fence can get, but over time dirt, pollen, mold and yes, even grass clippings  can build up on your fence. This build up can turn your fence into a backyard eyesore during the next cookout. A good spray and wipe down will usually do the trick. You can even find a specific cleaner at your local hardware store if it needs some extra care. 

Now that you have a clean slate to work with go around your fence inspecting boards and posts for damage. Keep a lookout for cracks, dings and gashes from fallen branches, hail, and even debris from the lawn mower. Once you find a problem area, assess whether or not wood putty or wood filler can help fix the problem. Sealing up those large gashes will help seal the wood and protect water from getting deep inside the boards. 

We’ve fixed the pieces that are affecting the look of your fence, but now it’s time to test the structural integrity. Walk from post to post. Are they sturdy? How about the fence boards. Are they loose? Luckily minor issues require a simple fix. If the posts are loose, see if you can use some concrete, or post foam to help reinforce it. You can also reattach any loose boards with new, ring shank nails.  


After you clean your fence, fix any damage and check the structural integrity of your fence there’s only one thing left to do; freshen it up. Head to the store and pick out your favorite stain, or paint. This won’t only make your fence look amazing, but it will also help keep moisture out, making your fence last longer. 

Do you have any tips on how to keep your fence looking it’s best year round? Let us know!