Should you install a fence around your commercial property?

Joe EverestUncategorized

When you think of a fence, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Some think of a nice quaint neighborhood, where every house has a white picket fence. Others think of a farm, with all kinds of animals roaming inside. Booth point back to looks and safety. Of course all these things are important when it comes to our home, family, and pets, but what about your business? The last thing you want to do is overlook the importance of installing a fence around your commercial business, or property. Let’s look at a couple reasons how a fence can provide some extra benefits to your business.

Protection – This one may seem obvious. A fence can help deter trespassers and even unwanted visitors like wild animals! It doesn’t mean you need a 6ft tall barbed wire fence, equipped with a moat (although that would be awesome)! A nice privacy, ornamental, or even simple chain link fence will do the trick as the first line of defense. Plus, the extra security can help prevent things like theft and vandalism.

Aesthetics – We get it, you’re proud of your business and we think your fence should show that. A nice fence can help improve the look of your business in a couple of different ways. First, a privacy fence can help with any eyesores around the back of the building, while hiding any work areas. On the other hand, a nice ornamental fence can help bring elegance to the front of your building, helping catch the attention of potential customers. Who doesn’t love some extra eye appeal?

Accessibility – If you have a business that covers a large footprint there are probably a lot of moving parts. You need an area for customers to enter, an area for employees to enter, an area for deliveries and maybe even an outside space to work. In addition to helping with the overall look of your building, fencing can help direct that traffic, making it clear and obvious where you can and can’t go. After all it might be embarrassing to have a customer accidentally end up in the work area!

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