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Springfield's Family Fence Providers

We shop local and we’ve found high quality products all around us.

As mentioned in the Springfield Business Journal article, we focus on finding local, quality products. When we first started researching, we found amazing products in our own backyard. We only needed to open our eyes to the incredible opportunities to provide better valued, and in some cases priced, products.

Shopping local as business owners and consumers has many benefits that help build the community. We all benefit from supporting our local economy. Better quality products have an advantage of lasting longer. Simply supporting those within the community, who have poured their life into something in which they believe, also feels great!

Why Shopping Local is Important to Ozark Fence

Quality is paramount in the materials we use. We took the necessary time and effort to search for the best materials we could locate within reasonable distance from our area. We have been successful in finding great companies and we have built close relationships with them.

It would have been easy to ship in materials from far and wide. However, without knowing where the products came from, or how they were manufactured, we couldn’t guarantee they would be the lasting products we needed to offer our customers. We knew getting to know our manufacturers and their products would assure we installed quality fences.

Seeking Change, Growing Partnerships

Ozark Fence decided that it was time to make a change in the way our industry has been installing wood fences over the years. As we mentioned before in our previous blog about installing privacy fencing using the FenceTrac system, we wanted to create a fence that would stand against time and all elements that can happen.

We researched many companies, and we found the best in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Family owned, they hold many of the same values as us in providing solid customer service and a quality products they stand behind.

Another change we wanted to make was providing better quality wood picket for our wood fences. Eastern Red cedar is grown and manufactured from a family owned and operated sawmill in Northern Arkansas.

Originally, the materials were sourced from as far away as Canada. Now, we support a locally owned business that provides us with a great product. Also, we operate more efficiently with less wait time on receiving supplies. Now, we build our customers quality fences by reducing wait time significantly compared to what it used to take to acquire products from other areas or countries.

Even down to the finest detail, our galvanized nails come from Poplar Bluff, Missouri. This may be a small part of the total project, but think about how many nails it takes to build a fence…thousands! It really is a great feeling knowing we can support local businesses like ourselves.

Challenge to You

We want to give our families an attainable future and I believe it starts with the choices we make now. I believe we can do this by setting the example in supporting one another and each other’s business endeavors as well as offering a helping hand. In turn, this is what will grow our local economy and keep us all strong for generations to come.

An article from American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA), highlights the fact that most local business owners invest so much into their company, they are interested in serving the community for as long as they can. Many invest their life savings to create a business. We identify with that.

We are a multi-generational company, and we want to do what we can to give back to the community by supporting our local businesses as well as partner with them in special events and charitable efforts.

AMIBA also mentions some big box stores may give back to local communities, however not all set good examples.
“And each time we spend a dollar, we would do well to weigh the full value of our choices, not merely today, but for the future of our home towns.”

I want to encourage you to step outside in your own “backyard” and take a look around. Look for opportunities within your reach. You might find what you need within your own community.

Additional Info

If you would like to know more about us and our company, as well as the fencing options we provide, contact Ozark Fence and Supply Company. (417) 862-7803 Check us out on Facebook or stop by in person. 1716 W. College St in Springfield, MO
We also have an online quote tool at here where you can fill in some of your basic information and get a ballpark estimate for your project. No consultation required until you are ready to move forward.