Product Highlight: PostMaster Steel Post by Master Halco

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PostMaster Steel Fence Post vs Traditional Wood Post

Today we would like to highlight a new product we have been more than happy to implement into our way of installing wood fence. Patented by the engineers of Master Halco, PostMaster steel fence post were created specifically to provide strength and stability to wood fencing without losing the natural beauty of wood.

The incorporation of this high-quality product into our fence building projects has proven exceptional compared to the use of the traditional wood post our industry has used for years. PostMaster post are built strong enough to withstand high winds of up to 70 mph and are manufactured with a heavy galvanized coating which means the post won’t warp, twist, rust, corrode, and will never rot. Not to mention every PostMaster steel fence post is backed up by a 15-year limited warranty against these elements.

The Most Common Question

One of the questions we are frequently asked is, can you see the PostMaster steel post?

NO!  See the photo above.

More than likely if you are choosing to build a wood fence, you don’t want it looking like a metal fence. The wonderful thing about this ingenious fence post option is the in-line design. It is perfectly concealed on both sides of the fence, and both homeowner and neighbor can appreciate the fact there are no brackets, pipes, or screws that protrude on either side of the fence.


PostMaster post are made of galvanized (zinc) coated steel and weigh 2.64 lbs/ft. Each post are 3-1/2” x 1- 3/4 “ in dimension and .120” thick.

They come with the pre-punched fastening guides ready to be attached right to the wood picket.

Have a difficult area that might be challenging to put up a fence? PostMaster post can be installed to follow most any types of terrain the Ozarks can potentially have.

Long Term Benefits with a Small Term Cost

Over a long period of time, your investment in a higher quality product will prove to save you money and time in the long run. We can’t deny the fact that wood post are less expensive, but they aren’t protected from the elements the same way PostMaster post are warrantied against. Also, with the combination of PostMaster steel post and Eastern Red Cedar pickets, this duo is unparalleled in the wood fence building industry. For more detailed information on the reason why we stand behind the quality of the Eastern Red Cedar as an excellent option for wood fence pickets, check out our blog (

One Final Thought

With the changing of the seasons and winter weather shortly upon us, we wanted to mention that we continue to install fencing all year-round. Weather permitting, we typically only miss one week out of the year completing fence installations. If you have been thinking about installing a fence, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time with any questions. Your home and your property are an investment, let us help you get the quality and satisfaction you deserve by keeping your investment looking its best.

For more information about PostMaster steel post, contact Ozark Fence and Supply Company, LLC at (417) 862-7803. Check us out on Facebook or stop by in person at our office 1716 W. College St in Springfield, MO. We also have an online quote tool at where you can fill in some of your basic information and get a ballpark estimate for your project, no consultation required until you are ready to move forward.