Privacy, safety and value – We have a solution

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Choosing the best fence for your home helps your property stand out. After all, it may be the first thing that people notice when they come to visit and look outside. There’s so many choices; cedar fencing, ornamental fencing and chain link fencing. Sure the looks of a fence can go a long way, but there’s much more to it. When was the last time you thought of a quality fence as a solution to potential problems? Let’s look at a couple examples below. 


We all enjoy our privacy and we know that it’s even more important to us while at home. There’s always something going on; birthday parties, cookouts and family get togethers. A fence is the perfect way to not only contain the fun, but to also be respectful to your neighbors. In addition to that, they protect the privacy within your house, making it harder for outsiders to see in.


One of the best parts of a backyard is being able to let your young kids and pets run around. While we love playing tag or catch, it always makes us feel better knowing they can’t run outside of a certain boundary. The last thing you would want is them unknowingly running into the road. A fence provides an extra layer of safety when it comes to fun and games. Have a pool? It also helps keep outside animals and people from taking a dip without an invite or supervision.

Property Value

Thinking about selling your house in the future? Well if you care about the privacy and safety of your home, chances are any potential buyers may think the same. That’s why it’s important to invest in a high quality fence, not only for your family’s privacy and safety, but also for the future marketability. Who knows, it might even raise the value.

So next time you’re looking for some extra privacy, added safety and a potential increase in home value by installing a quality fence, keep us in mind. We’d love for you to stop by our office on 1716 W College Street in Springfield, or to give us a call at 417-221-4726 to help walk you through the process!