What Does Ornamental Iron Fence Cost? Episode 2 of 4





Hey everybody, it’s Joe with Ozark Fence, and today we’re going to talk about the price of ornamental iron fencing.


All right, before we get started – let’s talk about a few things.


To begin with, this pricing is good for an approximate 30 mile radius of Springfield Missouri. Also, this pricing is accurate as of June of 2017, but it’s always subject to change without notice.


Now, with that being said, let’s get into the pricing.


When we’re installing ornamental iron fence, we prefer to install a manufacturer named Ameristar’s product, which is called Montage. It’s an ornamental steel product that is incredibly strong, and it has a coating that they warranty for a lifetime.


When we’re installing montage fence, typically, we’re installing one of two styles: classic fence, which has the picket protruding past the top rail; and majestic fence, which has a nice smooth top does kid-friendly and pull safe.


A four foot montage fence would typically install for about $35 a foot.


A 5-foot tall montage fence would typically install for $38 a foot, and then six foot tall montage fence typically installs for about $42 a foot.


Now these are four black fences, but you can also have bronze.


Bronze option typically adds about 15%.


As for gates, a single gate would add $300, and a double gate would add $600 dollars.


Single gates are typically four feet wide, and a double gate would be about eight feet wide.


And that’s it! Now you have the pricing that we use every day!


But, what if you don’t know how much fence you need?

We try to make that easy too.


You can log on to our website at OzFence.com.

  • First, click our instant online quote tool.
  • Second, enter your basic information
  • Third, pull the Google image of your home
  • Forth, simply draw the fence around your house, and click the style that you prefer
  • Lastly, after that, you’re given a budgetary number.


Now you can either save that for later use, or you can request an estimate either from myself, my dad, or my granddad. We’d love to come out and measure it in person and give you a written estimate, but if you’re not there yet, that’s fine! Save the pricing for later.


As always, thank you – I appreciate your time!