Is it covered?

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We all know the feeling. You make a big purchase that’s backed by a great warranty. A couple years down the road there’s either a major or minor issue with the product itself, or the craftsmanship. You’re not worried though because it’s time to put that warranty to use. So you give the company a call but it turns out they’re no longer in business, leaving you high and dry.

Unfortunately we hear about things like this all the time from our customers. An issue pops up with their fence, they give the company that installed it a call, only to find out they’re not around anymore to service the warranty.

The feeling of security is important to us, so why wouldn’t it be important to you? Ozark Fence has been around for over 60 years, so you can rest assured that we’ll be around for the duration of that warranty.

Curious to know what we offer? Well, let’s talk about some of our different product and craftsmanship warranties.  

First off, our PostMaster steel posts are perfect for wood fencing. Not only do they give you the strength of steel, but they also have the beauty of wood. Each post is galvanized and is made of structural steel. So, what does that mean? Well not only can it withstand high winds and heavy rain, but it will never rot or warp. The best part is it’s guaranteed because every PostMaster steel post is backed by a 15 year limited warranty!

And don’t worry, we have you covered in the ornamental iron department as well. Montage fences have the best of both worlds; the strength of steel with the longevity of aluminum. Each fence is protect with an E-Coat process, the same that’s been proven in the automotive industry for years. How does that help you? It means that your new ornamental fence comes with a 20 year E-Coat Manufacturer’s Warranty, keeping your fence around for years to come.

It doesn’t stop there though. Sometimes things settle unexpectedly. For example you might notice a gate that doesn’t close properly a couple of weeks after installation. Did you know we also carry a one year warranty on our craftsmanship? That’s right, we stand behind our work, so if you have a problem with something that we installed please give us a call and we’ll get it fixed right away!

So next time that you’re looking to build a new fence, or have a question about a warranty, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 417-221-4726 or stop by our office at 1716 W. College Street in Springfield Missouri. We’d be happy to help!