How We Build Fence Gates To Last

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One of the first things you’ll notice with our fences is the size, and strength of our gates. Quite frankly a lot of our customers may think our approach is a little overkill, but there’s a reason we build our gates the way we do. That’s because the number one call back in the fencing industry is due to a sagging or dragging gate. Our solution is to create the strongest gate possible, so that your gate is sag, and worry free for years to come. Keep reading to see how we make the strongest fence gates in the Ozarks.  

Strong Steel Frames

Let’s start with the piece that holds it all together, the frame. Now our gate frames aren’t any old standard pre-made frames. Each one is welded in the house with galvanized steel tubing. This does a couple of things, first it allows us to guarantee the quality and strength. Secondly it allows us to make each gate custom to your yard. For example different yards have different slopes, which means a regular square gate might not always be the best option. Knowing this, we can make each gate custom to the slope of your yard. 

Heavy Duty Gate Hinge

Now since the gate is made out of a strong steel frame we need heavy duty gate hinges that are able to hold its weight, but having a heavy duty hinge isn’t enough. We go a step farther by connecting it directly to a steel post. This steel to steel construction guarantees your gate won’t sag, or drag for the lifetime of the fence. 

Thick Round Steel Posts

Next is possibly one of the most important parts, thick round steel posts. Each post is made from  Schedule 40 steel, which means that it’s extremely heavy duty. Why? Because each time the gate is opened it’s transferring weight from the frame, to the hinge and to the post. Without this heavy duty post the weight of the frame would slowly bend the top of the post over, which is the last thing anyone wants. 

Oversized Gate Latch

You may notice a theme here, because our gate latches are also oversized, and heavy duty. Each time you close your gate you’ll notice how solid it shuts, and once it’s closed, it’s closed for good. High winds don’t have a chance of blowing it open, and if you lock it, a potential intruder won’t be able to get in either. Once again it’s attached directly to the steel to not only hold the weight, but to allow it to shut solidly for years to come. 

Heavy Duty Steel Bracket 

On the latch side you’ll notice another thick, heavy duty bracket which helps attach the wood to the pole. Although the bracket can be attached with a set screw, it also has the ability to be welded directly to the post, giving you a much more permanent solution. 

Post Set 24” Deep

Finally, each post is set to 24” deep and 8” – 10” around. This is the perfect depth for the post to avoid experiencing any frost heave, since it’s buried well below the frostline. Now the 8” – 10” round hole is needed because the posts have anywhere from 100 to 120 pounds of concrete around it. This extra strength helps ensure that the post won’t begin to wobble or move over time. 

And there you have it, an in depth look at what makes our fence gates the strongest in the Ozarks. Have a question? Give us a call at 417- 221-9877 or drop by the office located at 1716 W College Street in Springfield!