How To Install A Level Fence on Uneven Land

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Everyone loves the look of a level fence top. It looks crisp, clean and safe! But sometimes it’s not possible to have the perfect flat fence top, especially here in the Ozarks. In this article we are going to talk about the three options we have when installing a fence – Level Topped, Stepped and Terrain Cut fencing.

Watch me, Joe, break this down for you in this video here:

If your land is flat and level then we have the perfect opportunity to give you a painless fence installation where we can measure the post, figure out your paneling, and then have a set consistent height. If your land is flat we don’t have to alter the panels to make allowances for lumps and bumps and we have a fairly straight forward install.

However, should you have a piece of land that slopes, is lumpy or undulates then we have more decisions to make:

  • Aim for a flat top adding filler to the land and stands to the bottom?
  • Step the top to match the land sacrificing a flat uniformed top?
  • Cut the fence at the bottom to match the land perfectly for a little more effort and maintain a flat top as well?

Level Topped

A Level Topped fence has a straight line across the entire fence. The uneven ground at the bottom is filled with more soil and seed or base rock to level out the land. We are aiming to fill the gap while keeping a nice flat-topped fence.

Stepped Fence

With a Stepped Fence, you will be using pre-sized fence pieces that create a stair look. Often, this method is used with really irregular terrain and will often still need gaps filled with soil or rock.

Terrain Cut

My favorite option is a custom-built fence or Terrain Cut. This is done onsite so that you can follow the terrain for your property and minimize gaps at the bottom of the fence.

If you have any questions about what fence is right for your home and budget in the Ozarks, you can schedule a call with us here: