How to cut corners

Joe EverestUncategorized

Who doesn’t like saving money? We’re constantly on the lookout for sales and shop at discounters. We all do it, even us. But would you do the same for an investment? Think about it, you spend money on a beautiful home to raise your family in. You enjoy your privacy and your family’s safety is a priority, so you decide to have a fence installed. With that kind of investment, wouldn’t you want it to last for generations to come? Us too, which is why we’re not the cheapest in town, but let’s see some ways we can lower cost by cutting corners.

One of the biggest ways to save money is on the materials that are used. Let’s start with the wood. Thin pressure treated pickets will help you save up front, but you may find them warping and twisting after the first couple months. Same goes for pressure treated posts, except instead of warping, they can begin to rot as early as four years after installation.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can have a lasting impact on a fences lifetime. You can go with the cheaper steel nails, rather than galvanized. The only problem is steel ones tend to rust sooner, leaving streak marks down your beautiful pickets. Using smooth, instead of ring shanked nails can also help save money, but what’s the difference? Well, ring shanked nails have superior holding power and are least likely back out of the board over time.

Using less concrete is another good way to cut corners, but that means less sturdy post during the lifetime of the fence. What about other hidden cost of digging post holes? Well some contractors charge more per hole if they hit rocks while digging. Not only that, but there can be additional charges to remove the rock and dirt after the hole has been dug.

Finally there’s the labor cost associated with each job. You can always save by rushing a job by paying less attention to detail. You can also hire unskilled and underpaid employees.

Lucky for you, that doesn’t cut it for us. We pride ourselves on quality products, quality service and fences that will last for generations to come. From the very beginning we pay attention to the details, source quality products and hire skilled employees. So next time you think about making an investment, give us a call. We’d be more than happy to help build your next fence.