How To Connect Your Fence to Your House

Joe EverestFAQ

attach fence to your house

How do I attach my fence to my house? – Connect your fence to your house? This is a common question but also a strange trick question, the question should be “Should I attach my fence to my house?”.

When installing a fence we do not attach your fence to the house. This is to prevent damage overtime as the fence settles, the house moves and the weather affects the rise and fall of the fence itself. Over the seasons the fence will get wet, the days can get hot and dry and this has a very subtle effect on both your fence and your house. These subtle changes can weaken the fence. Pulling them apart, pushing them together or ripping them from their fastenings causing damage to the fence and your property.

Instead we mount the fence on a fence post and then build covering materials close to the house so the yard is still secure but also leaves the right amount of room for the structures to high and full organically without damage.