What Does a Fence Cost? Episode One of Four


We get asked all the time: “What does a fence cost?”, or “How much does a fence cost?”

Many companies find it hard, or don’t even try, to simply break down the variable costs for a consumer, so we’re creating a four-part video series to help answer the big question.

As always, our goal is to provide value, and we understand when shopping for a quality fence, you may not have time or even want to schedule a consultation / estimation.

We know you just want pricing!

So, here it is – part one of four on how much a fence costs:




“What does a fence cost” A common question, usually, the first question that comes up when talking about buying a fence. Unfortunately, the industry standard answer is, “it depends”. But, then no one talks about what it depends on, and how those changes affect the price of

fence. Until now. We’re going to tackle the question, “what fence cost” over a four part series.

You’ve landed on the first episode where we’re going to talk about the general options available, and the general price of fence – coming right up.

First, before we talk about the price of fence, we need to cover a few things to begin with. This price is good for our standard service area which is 30 miles from Springfield, Missouri. Second, this price is good as of April 2017, but prices are always subject to change.

Alright, let’s get to it.

Okay, so, we’re talking about the price of fence.

First, we have to decide what type of fence we’re talking about; is it a chain-link fence; a wood fence; or maybe an ornamental iron fence.

In this video, we’re just going to talk about general pricing, and what can change that general pricing. In the following three videos, we’re going to get more specific about each type of fence: whether it’s chain-link, wood, or ornamental iron: the different options available, types available, and how it affects the price. But, in this video, let’s find our starting point.

Alright let’s start with chain link fence because it’s the most economical fence that most of us companies carry.

For us, a four-foot chain-link fence starts at about twelve dollars a foot.

Now, the first thing that can have the biggest impact on that price is how much of it do you need. For instance, if you need 20 feet of four-foot chain-link fence, you’re typically going to pay a bit more than the twelve dollars a foot. But, if you’re needing 200 feet of the four-foot chain-link fence, you’re typically going to see a bit less. Also, we would add in the cost of gates, and associated gate post and terminal posts.

Again, we’ll get into more detail in the following video – specifically about chain-link fences. But that’s where we start.

Okay, next, let’s talk about wood fence.

Wood fence can vary a lot depending on the material used, the height you’re looking for, and the style.

As a baseline, a six-foot-tall privacy fence installed with eastern red cedar pickets, which is the majority of what we install, runs about $22 a foot. Again, 20 feet is going to cost a bit more – 200 feet is going to cost a bit less, but $22 is where we start.

Lastly let’s talk about ornamental iron fence.

Now, ornamental iron can vary greatly depending on manufacture, height, style, and color. But, the combination we install most is a Mara Stars Montage Majestic in black, four-foot tall. For us, that starts at about $35 a foot.

Again, keep in mind 20 feet costs more – 200 feet costs less, but it always starts at $35 and foot.

Single gates add three hundred dollars, double gates add six hundred dollars.

We’ll get more in-depth with ornamental iron fencing in our fourth and last video. “What does ornamental iron fence cost?”


Alright guys, we’ve started answering the question, “What does fence cost”, but we’ve only started in general terms.

In the following three videos; “What does chain-link fence cost”, “What does wood fence cost”, and “What does ornamental iron fence cost”, we’re going to talk more specifically about the options available, the heights available, and how those heights and options specifically affect the fence costs.

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Also, after the question, “What does fence cost” is answered; we’re going to move on to more frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that you’ve always been wondering about fence, why don’t you write it in the comments below. That way, I’ll see it and will start answering your questions. Also, thank you guys! I appreciate your time.