Four Tips to Help You Choose Your Fencing Contractor



Choosing a fencing contractor may seem like a daunting task, but it should be easy when you know what to consider.

Below, we’ve shared our four most helpful tips to aid your search for the best fencing contractor for your job.


1: Contracts

All estimates and contracts should be in writing, not only verbally discussed, to ensure that anything discussed is documented should you need the estimates or contracts for future use.

Estimates and contracts should be clear and easy to understand, and include an exact contract total.


2: Documentation

Ask the contractor to provide the following critical documentation:

  1. City License –  Contractors should be licensed for the city the project is taking place in and know whether it requires a specific project license to ensure legitimate work.
  2. Workman’s Compensation Insurance – All contractors working on your property should carry workman’s compensation insurance. Without this insurance, workers injured on your property can hold you responsible for their injuries.
  3. Liability Insurance – Liability Insurance provides coverage for damages to your property by the contractor.


3: Warranties

Ask for an example of the warranty that cover your specific fence installation.

The warranty of your fence should be easy to read and understand.

The warranty should include both the effected materials and the labor to replace faulty material.

Without labor inclusion, you run the risk of being charged for labor costs to replace the effected material.

When considering a company’s warranty, it is important that you include the company’s years in operation. For example, a company offering a warranty for a period of time longer than its years in operation may be unrealistic and could cause trouble in the future if the company is no longer in business.


4: Waivers

Ask for an example of the lien waiver you will receive upon completion and final payment of your project.

Without a lien waiver for your specific project, both the contractor and their suppliers could hold you responsible for paying the total amount even if the amount has been paid previously.


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