FenceTrac The Future of Privacy Fence


Before you decide to go with what has been the norm for many years in the fencing industry, we are here to inform you of the latest advancement in Privacy Fence – FenceTrac.

For years wood fencing has been installed essentially the same way. The use of treated pine pickets and posts have been the staple materials utilized, which over time, begins to look worn and dilapidated.

So, What is FenceTrac?

FenceTrac was created and patented by a small family owned business to resolve the common issues associated with traditional wood fencing.

We would like to offer you a premier solution that takes wood fencing to the next level creating a unique, customizable option to fit what you want to match your style, your home or your business.
FenceTrac is exceptional in many ways because:

  1. It uses steel post, not the traditional wood posts. Steel post prevent warping and twisting that occurs over time with traditional wood fence post. Also, it won’t rot or decay, which prevents the fence from sagging causing it to lose its appeal.
  2. Each panel is encased with galvanized steel that offers a powdered coated finish and can be infilled with any type of material you can customize to your style. Some options could be the durable Eastern Red cedar, vinyl, welded wire, bamboo, or even galvanized barn tin to name a few. To see the different infill options customers have used check out FenceTrac’s gallery page.
  3. It provides more privacy, more security, and a longer life span.

For an idea of what the installation process for FenceTrac looks like, please check out our YouTube time lapse video of the process.

Why the change?

For over 60 years we have carefully selected the best materials possible to provide fencing that will last. We like to keep up with the everchanging technologies in our industry while holding onto traditional family values in how we do business. We have teamed up with the makers of this fine fencing product as they are a family owned business like ourselves and they produce a product we can stand behind and are proud to install.

FenceTrac is cutting edge and the future in wood fencing, its quality is unprecedented and would make a sound match with Eastern Red Cedar pickets as a possible infill option versus the original Treated Pine. Check out our blog post for more information on the benefits of Eastern Red Cedar versus the original Treated Pine.

If you have questions or would like more information about FenceTrac, contact Ozark Fence and Supply Company, LLC. (417) 862-7803 Check us out on Facebook, or stop by in person at our office. 1716 W. College St in Springfield, MO.

We also have an online quote tool where you can fill in some of your basic information and get a ballpark estimate for your project. We don’t require consultation until you are ready to move forward.

If you are having difficulties deciding what type of fencing best suits your needs and budget, check out our blog  that might help you get an idea of your options.