Don’t let winter get the best of your fence

Joe EverestUncategorized

Winter can be a tough one. From school closings, to battling ice and snow you never know what you might get. It’s not only tough on our schedules, but it’s also tough on your beautiful fence. That doesn’t mean that you have to let winter get the best of it though. Find out what you can do to help your fence this winter below!

First things first, winter weather is typically much harsher on wooden fences. That’s because wood is naturally porous, making it easy for water to soak into the board. So what happens when that water freezes? It begins to expand, which can cause warping and cracking in the boards. The best way to prevent that is having your fence stain and sealed. Doing so helps the water run off of the fence, rather than absorb it, giving it less chance to freeze and expand within the board.

While tree branches are great for making icicles they aren’t so great for your fence. If your backyard trees are starting to look like a winter wonderland, then it may be time to think about cutting those limbs back. If not, the extra weight from any ice or snow could cause them to break, and fall directly on your fence. The last thing you want to worry about is cleaning up that damage in the middle of the winter.

Now we talked about the importance of having your fence stained and sealed to help keep the board from soaking up that excess moisture. Well, it’s also a great idea to keep away any leaves, snow drift, or any other debris that may be touching your fence. If you’re not careful, You may find moisture soaking into the board from the ground up.

Finally the ground comes into play with your fence and how it holds up during the harsh temperatures. As the ground changes between hot, cold and frozen it naturally moves. When this happens your post can also move with the ground expansion and contraction, causing them to shift and put stress in certain areas of the fence. Now, this shouldn’t cause any issues for you as long as the post were installed below the freeze line with concrete. If that isn’t the case you may notice uneven posts, railings, or boards that may need extra support.

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