Does Your Fence Warranty Cover It All?

Joe EverestUncategorized

It’s true, most fence warranties don’t cover the necessary things. Even worse most customers don’t even know that their new fence should have a warranty in the first place. But what should be covered in a fence warranty? Well it can be broken down into two aspects – a workmanship warranty and a material warranty. Keep scrolling to learn the difference between the two. 

Workmanship Warranty

Let’s start off with the most important one, the workmanship warranty. While a contractor can use the best materials available, it does the customer no good if those materials aren’t installed properly. A proper fence installation should use the correct process and procedures, ensuring the life of the fence for years to come. What parts of the fence are typically overlooked? Let’s take a look.

Fence Gates

Fence gates are a necessity when it comes to getting your lawnmower in and out, pulling in your boat for the winter and even opening up your backyard for the annual BBQ. Since gates are used so often they should open and close with ease, while not dragging on the ground. Here at Ozark Fence our solution for a quality gate is using steel post, steel frame and steel hardware to build your gate. This not only keeps your fence gate perfect for generations to come, but it also allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on it. 

Fence Posts

Up next we have the fence posts. As a customer do you know if they’re being set to the correct depth and width? Is there enough concrete to hold those post plumb for years to come? Unfortunately we see these important details skimped, simply because the customer doesn’t know. We set our posts 24” deep and 8” to 10” wide to ensure your fence doesn’t begin to lean in the future. 

Materials Warranty

The second part of this equation is the materials warranty. Some may think that this is issued by the contractor themselves, this isn’t true. The reason is since they don’t manufacture the products they’re limited to what the manufacturer offers as a warranty. As with all things this can vary widely. 

While these material warranties can vary greatly from company to company, they all will cover the physical components of the fence. In other words, things that you can see such as wood, posts, rails, pickets, fasteners, and gate hardware. 

Another determining factor of the material warranty is the type of fence that is installed. For example a wood privacy fence, ornamental iron and chainlink fence will all cover different things. Your contractor should let you know up front which materials are covered. Having this in writing will ensure quality materials are being used and will protect you from any future issues. 

So there you have it, an overview of what all should be covered in your fences warranty. Want to know what warranties Ozark Fence covers? Give us a call at 417- 221-9877.