What Does Chainlink Fence Cost? Episode Three of Four


Chain Link Fence Cost:


Hey everybody, it’s Joe with Ozark Fence, and today we’re going to talk about the price of chain link fence.

Alright, before we get started let’s talk about a few things.  To begin with this pricing is good for an approximate 30-mile radius of Springfield Missouri.  Also this pricing is accurate as of June of 2017, but it’s always subject to change without notice.

Now, with that being said, let’s get into the pricing.

When we’re pricing chain-link fence, the cost typically depends on a few things – mainly the height of the fence and if the fence is galvanized, which is shiny metal, or if it’s vinyl coated meaning black, brown or green.

A four-foot galvanized fence typically installs for about 11 dollars a foot.

A 5 foot tall chain-link fence typically installs for about 13 dollars a foot.

And a six foot fence typically installs for about $15 a foot.

For color coding options whether black brown or green you typically add about 15 to 20 percent to the price of the fence.


And that’s it!  Now, you have the pricing that we use every day.

Next Step:

But, what if you don’t know how much fence you need?  Well, we try to make that easy – you can log on to our website at ozfence.com click our instant online quote tool.

There you’ll enter your basic information you’ll pull up a Google image of your home.  Simply draw the fence around your house, click the style that you prefer, and you’re given a budgetary number now you can either save that for later use, or you can request an estimate either from myself or my dad my granddad.

We’d love to come out and measure it in person and give you a written estimate.  But, if you’re not there yet that’s fine!  Save the prices for later.

As always, thank you!  I appreciate your time.