Ask A Fence Guy Friday Recap

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It’s been over a month since we’ve launched Ask A Fence Guy Friday, and we’ve answered a ton of great questions! In case you missed one, or just want a refresher, we went ahead and listed the highlight of each each one below!


In the first edition of Ask A Fence Guy Friday Joe went through the process of building a fence, and showed that it’s easy as well… 1 2 3. That’s right, Joe breaks down the first step in the process which is using our online fence estimator. It’s as simple as heading to our website and pulling up a Google image of the property you’d like to install a fence around. Next, simply draw the fence around the area and select the type of fence you’d like. Voila, the estimator spits out a price range. If you’re happy with that estimate and it fits within your budget you can send it to us to set up a time to visit with you in person. This gives us an opportunity to confirm the measurements and lock in your pricing, which is good for 30 days.


The top question for the second edition was if we make our own gates, and the answer is yes. We have a fabrication shop on site, which allows us to make the gate completely specific to your needs. The only time we may have to look at an outside supplier is if the gate is over 40ft. Having the ability to fabricate the gate on site gives you maximum flexibility. Need something a little bit wider for your lawnmower? No problem. How about a special entrance from a sidewalk. Yup, we can do that too. Fun fact, we do more than just gates at the shop. We offer custom kennels for all kinds of animals. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen one at the Zoo, Department of Conservation or other Wildlife areas!


The third edition was on a particularly freezing day, which brought up the obvious question: do we work through the winter? The answer is yes! Actually that same day we finished up a project for The Doubletree and a commercial property in Branson. Now that’s not to say that weather doesn’t hold off fence building sometimes. For example snow can postpone us setting the posts. Why? Well before each project we have the utility lines marked, but if snow is on the ground we can’t see them to know where it’s safe to dig. On the other hand we don’t have a problem nailing up boards, or stretching chain link fabric while snow is coming down. The only other time there may be a delay are if the road conditions are bad. We’re a family business and that’s how we treat our employees. If Joe doesn’t feel safe sending his wife and kids down the road he’s not going to send his guys down the road either.


Finally the fourth edition was more of a spoiler alert than anything, with the question: do we stain and seal our fences. Well, up until about a month ago we referred those jobs to someone else. Since then we changed that answer to not yet. That’s right, we’re now in the process of offering our own staining and sealing services, but it’s not something we can just jump into. We’ve got a work van, equipment, supplies and chemicals ready, however that’s the easy part. Now it’s a matter of getting the proper training, not only with cleaning, staining and sealing, but wood restoration as well. Just like our fences we’ll rely on quality materials and quality, ongoing training allowing us to be one of the best companies around. So while we won’t start until we’re fully trained, we’ll be sure that you’re be the first to know!


Be sure to check back every Friday on our Facebook page to see the next installment of Ask A Fence Guy Friday and as always don’t hesitate to give us a call at 417-221-4726 or stop by our office in Springfield at 1716 W College Street!