5 Ways To Prepare Your Yard Before Having A Fence Installed

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There’s a lot of work that goes into planning out your new fence. From selecting the materials to be used, choosing the stain and seal color and yes, even the fence contractor. But, there’s one thing that’s often overlooked: The preparation of your backyard before your new fence is installed. To help you be better prepared we’ve created a list of 5 tips, plus a bonus to make sure your new fence is installed smoothly. 

Remove All Objects From Fence

First things first, you want to remove any objects from your fence, specifically your old privacy fence. Things like bird feeders, signs and other decorations. Oh, and don’t forget to check both sides of the fence. Doing so will help make sure that nothing is damaged while your old fence is being removed, which means you can put them right back where you had them. 

Remove All Landscaping* 

Ok ok, now you don’t actually have to remove ALL landscaping, but there should be at least a 2ft space on either side of where your new fence will be installed. This not only includes trees and bushes, but brush and leaves as well. Doing so will help save time, while avoiding any potential damage, keeping your yard looking the best it can once your new fence is installed. 

Create A Plan For Your Pets

Fences are typically installed for 1 of 3 reasons; privacy, to help keep your children safe, and to keep your pets inside of your yard. If you’re a pet owner, you may forget that your yard will be fenceless for 2-4 days, which means you’ll need a plan when it comes to caring for your pets during that time. Maybe you take them out on a leash, maybe they stay with a friend, or maybe they go on a petcation. It’s totally up to you. 

Centralize Your Patio/Yard Furniture 

Now why would you have to move your patio, or yard furniture if you’re having a fence installed? Well, during the installation process equipment and materials will be brought in and out of your yard. The crew’s job is to do the best job they can, in a timely manner. So by keeping your entire yard free and clear it helps them work much more efficiently. Plus, it can also help avoid potential damage to your favorite outdoor table.  

Keep Curbside In Front Of Home Clear

Unless you’re having a fence installed directly in front of your home, you probably aren’t thinking about what the front of your house looks like, but it could make a big difference. The installation crew will need space to park their trucks and trailers. They’ll also need space to get any equipment and materials off of the trailers. Giving them direct access to your yard helps make things run a lot smoother rather than having to park down the street. 

BONUS: Flag All Private Utilities 

Last but not least you should have all private utilities marked before the installation crew shows up. So what constitutes a private utility? They often include anything that doesn’t have a meter. The most common private utilities we come across are irrigation systems, but there are others such as electric to outbuildings, wells, pools and septic systems. Flagging these beforehand will avoid any potential damage to your private utilities.

And there you have it, the 6 ways to prepare your backyard before having your new fence installed. Have a question? Give us a call at 417- 221-9877 or drop by the office located at 1716 W College Street in Springfield!