5 Ways To Entertain Your Kids Around The House

Joe EverestUncategorized

We’ve recently found ourselves stuck inside more than we’d like, but there’s a bright side to all this! It gives us the opportunity to unwind and focus on what matters the most. In this case it’s our family. But we all know that the extra togetherness can be a little wearing, and there’s only so many times you can play Monopoly! So, to help out we’ve created a list of 5 things that you can do with your kiddos while you’re stuck at home. Check them out below!

Build Your Kids LEGO Dream House

Ah LEGOs, the foundation of (almost) every childhood and the nemesis of every parents foot. No matter the love-hate relationship, those little toy blocks are the perfect way to let the clock pass while spending quality time with your kid. Pick up a new set with 1000+ pieces, or start from scratch and help your kiddo build their dream house. Just don’t forget the fence!

Live Stream Your Favorite Zoo Animal

If there’s one thing we all love and miss right now it’s animals. And no we’re not talking about puppies and kittens. We’re talking lions, tigers and bears oh my! The problem is you can’t exactly hop in the car and head to the zoo right now. But what you can do is gather around your computer and hop on a live broadcast from zoos around the country. The St. Louis Zoo, San Diego Zoo and Smithsonian’s National Zoo are just a few live streams that you can check out!

Create A Backyard Obstacle Course

Spring is here and the days are getting warmer. We can all agree that a little sunshine would be nice right about now, but how can you spice up your backyard for your kiddos? Set up an obstacle course and challenge them to a time trial. Your course might not look anything like what’s pictured above, but it’s easier than you think! Start off simple by finding two logs and an old fence board to create a balance beam, then let your imagination flow from there!

Repurpose Those Amazon Boxes

You might have noticed an increase of online ordering, and if so you’re probably sick of watching all those Amazon boxes stack up. So what can you do with them? Turn your living room into a fortress and create the ultimate cardboard castle. Maybe your kiddo is a little more ambitious. Take it to the next level, and bring that castle to your backyard. And while we’re not trying to tell you how to build your fortress, we do suggest adding a moat and making it waterproof with some water seal spray paint! 

Turn Daily Chores Into A Game

This last one is for all the parents! We’ve talked about Amazon boxes piling up, but what about the dishes and laundry? Try gamifying the chores list (this is especially great for siblings). Our favorite is easy; chores bingo. Just label the bingo squares with different chores, and as your kid completes them place their name on the square. The first one to knock out four squares in a row gets a prize!