5 Reasons Why Your Next Fence Should Be Built With PostMaster Steel Post

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When you have a fence build, chances are you want that fence to last a lifetime. There’s preventative things you can do to ensure that, including regularly staining and sealing your fence. How else can you ensure your fence is still standing for years to come? By having it installed with PostMaster Steel Posts. Find out 5 reasons why below!


The number one reason most fences need replaced is because of damaged fence posts. This damage is usually caused by rotting, or insect damage. So what happens when you take the fence post out of the equation? You can increase the lifetime of the fence by a significant amount. A Postmaster Steel Post eliminates the possibility for post rot and insect damage.

Incredibly Strong

So we know the Postmaster Steel Post helps against post rot and insect damage, but really, how strong is it? Well as you might have guessed, it is much stronger than its wood counterparts. So much so that it has a wind rating of up to 70MPH. And let’s be honest, if you’re experiencing 70MPH wind, then chances are you have much bigger problems on your hands! 

Lifetime Warranty

Another thing you won’t find on wooden fence posts is a lifetime warranty. That’s right, the Postmaster Steel Post carries a lifetime warranty against corrosion and rust. Unlike wood posts, you also won’t find them warping, twisting or cracking.

Cost of Repair or Replacement

As mentioned earlier, you won’t have to worry about replacing the Postmaster Steel Post, however at some point the pickets or horizontal rails may need replacing. The good part? When that time comes, you won’t have to worry about replacing those posts as well. That means you could see a total savings of up to 50% if you ever needed to have your fence replaced.

They Essentially Disappear

It’s the closest thing to a magic trick that a fence company do. What do we mean? Well the Postmaster Steel Post is built inline with the fence, which means no bulky posts are sticking out. Essentially the post becomes part of the fence, which really helps shrink down the width of the fence. It also means that neither you nor your neighbor will have to look at them since they’ll be covered up by a picket.

Bonus: Increased Yard Size

This relates to the last benefit, which helps keep your post inline with the fence. By doing so you’re going to increase the size of your yard by about 3”. Now this may not seem like a lot, but with yards getting smaller and smaller, it’s more than you realize. In addition to that it helps limit the space between your fence, and say a neighboring fence. Less space not only means more room, but less chance debris will get caught in the space between.

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