10 Ideas to Make Your Backyard Amazing

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Having a backyard at your home means that you have endless possibilities for making your space the place that everyone, including yourself, wants to spend time in. If you have been considering revamping the backyard to create your own little paradise, here are some great ways to make your yard that amazing space you always dreamed it could be.

Patio Space

Starting simple with a patio or back deck is a great way to have a quiet space for reading a good book or relaxing in the warm summer sun. It’s also a great way to start planning social events and summertime BBQ’s where your friends or family can spend time in the backyard with you. A patio can be built with a wooden deck or with concrete and since it won’t take up a great deal of space, the cost can be very affordable. Be sure to work with a licensed contractor to ensure the patio is professionally built so it will last for years to come.


A trellis is the perfect way to add a little beauty to the backyard. You can make them on your own with wood or metal and they even sell prefab trellis kits at hardware stores. They’re ideal to use with climbing vines and rose bushes.


Something that we all too often don’t consider when planning a backyard getaway is the fence that surrounds the yard. Use your creativity and grab some paint or stain to revitalize the fence or, if your fence is wooden you can drill holes in the wood planks and insert colored marbles to make the fence sparkle when the light hits the marbles. These are both great ways to enhance the backyard without spending a fortune to tackle the work.

Pallet Garden

Grabbing a few free pallets from the local grocer is a great way to start a vertical garden in the backyard. You can put the pallets right up against your fence or even the side of the house and fill with soil or small planters to grow beautiful flowers. Not only will this look beautiful, but depending on the flowers you choose, your backyard will be fragrant as well. You can find directions to make an easy pallet garden at Greener World.

Backyard Fountain

A fountain in the backyard is the perfect addition to spruce up the yard without spending too much money. They look nice but they also add calm, relaxing sound to the yard that will allow you and your guests to meditate and enjoy the serene environment. You can even surround the fountain with flowers or shrubbery to enhance the scenery. For the best fountain in your backyard, it’s good to hire landscaping contractors who can work with you to create the fountain you want that will last for years to come.


A little lighting can go a long way to setting a positive mood after a long week of work. Stringing lights around trees, inside the fencing or across other lawn structures is the perfect way to set a tone for a relaxed evening spent in the yard. Grab a cooler and a close friend with a couple comfortable chairs, and you can spend hours outdoors at night with only the sound of light music and the glowing of the light strings.


Hammocks are a great addition to any yard whether you have trees or not. They make the best place to lay back and take a nap, read a book or spend time together lounging around in deep conversation. Best of all, they’re ideal for adults as well as kids.

Lawn Games

Whether you opt for a game of cornhole or croquet or you prefer badminton bocce ball, yard games are practically mandatory for a fun afternoon with friends and family in the back yard. If you have kids, a swing set, or backyard pool may be preferred but the key is to have fun and enjoy the time spent in the yard.

Fire Pit

A fire pit for roasting marshmallows or just hanging out around a fire on a warm evening is always a hit with everyone who loves to hang out in the yard. You can purchase pre-made fire pits or you can even DIY a fire pit with bricks and a fire ring from your local hardware store. However you choose to do it, make sure you include plenty of seating around the pit so everyone will have space to sit and enjoy the fire.

Backyard Grill

Everybody enjoys a good cookout whether it’s a big, thick steak grilling or a scrumptious veggie burger. Cooking out is welcome at birthday parties, family reunions and even for quiet nights spent alone with a close friend. Adding a grilling area to your patio or to an empty area of the backyard opens a great place to socialize as well as an ideal way to stay out of a hot kitchen and still have a great meal.

Having your own backyard is nice. Spending a little time and money to personalize the back yard and make it yours is something that may turn into the one place at home that you never want to leave. Best of all, it opens a whole new space to share with friends and family who will enjoy it just as much as you do.