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We are family owned & operated for over 60 years. Three generations work in the business. We have been building fence and “protecting your piece of the Ozarks since 1955”.

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We work with brands you know and trust:

  • Jamieson Fence
  • Ameristar
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  • “10 years later we still get treated like their #1 customer on any issues & additions. Thank U!”
    – Andy H
  • “I have a neighboring house partially burn recently and has since become vacant. Not only an eyesore but a potential security risk. I met Jim at the HBA show and later called for an estimate with Joe. Fortunately, because of the winter season, they were available to start within a week or so. They ordered the gas, electric, cable lines flagged and begin work a few days later. Both management and crew were on top of things and willing to accommodate my unique situation including a anchoring an existing gate to close off access to my basement. I plan on extending the fence along the property line in the future and will certainly be calling them back.”
    – David D
  • “My husband and I are very pleased with the work we had done recently on our chain link fence. We replaced some older chain link and had a new double swing gate installed. They quoted us promptly after the initial contact. Arrived on time for the appointment. It was very pleasant to work with them. Good quality work for a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend this company.”
    – Jodie Z
  • “The customer service, professionalism and end product were fantastic! I have used Ozark fence on 2 different houses and have been ecstatic with the results.”
    – Carla M
  • “Great price, Quick Install, Excellent Quality! We couldn’t be happier with our 6 ft cedar privacy fence (shadowbox style). The crew was quick and very detailed. Everyone we dealt with was very professional and knowledgeable. We have no hesitation recommending them.”
    – Diane T
  • “My husband and I are sooo pleased with our fence! It looks great and the customer service from everyone was absolutely wonderful! We will recommend you to everyone!”
    – Kasey C


Ozark Fence is a unique company for several reasons:

  • We’re the oldest family owned and operated fence company in Southwest Missouri.
  • Currently three generations of fencing experience under one roof.
  • Established in 1955.

When dealing with Ozark Fence you’re receiving a fence that is installed with materials and installations practice that have been chosen and developed based on over 60 years of experience. But, don’t take our word for it, we’ve been screened and accredited by:

This is a very seasonally dependent question. Typically from November thru March we can begin work within 2 weeks. From April thru October this lead time could increase to 4 weeks or more. The lead time is based strictly on our workload, not a predetermined schedule. All work is performed in the order it was received, sometimes our workload can be be larger than 2 weeks in the off-season or smaller than 3 weeks in the peak season. For an up-to-date answer please call our office.
Typically we wait 2-3 days after the posts are set before installing the fence, this is to allow the concrete to cure to the point that it is ready to hold the fence. If the nighttime temperatures climb about 60 that time frame can decrease, if they fall below 30 then we typically give the concrete a bit longer to cure.
Our posts are set two feet, deep enough to get below the frost line found in this area.
Our posts are set with Sakrete brand concrete. This is important for several reasons:

  • Sakrete costs a bit more than mixing concrete ingredients by hand, but it results in a consistent blend of portland cement, sand and gravel. By using Sakrete we are using a product that is tested for an average of 4000 psi. Some fence companies will buy ingredients individually to cut costs.
  • Sakrete is backed by an actual concrete company. Fencing contractors that cut costs by mixing ingredients individually have inconsistent mixes from post to post and have no recourse if the concrete mixture fails.
The question of employment status is one that is often misleading. We have a mixture of hourly employees and contract employees. This business model is used by all the established fencing contractors in the area.
The property owner is required by many area city municipalities to apply for a building permit with the planning or zoning department prior to construction. The counties do not typically require a permit, however, fences must still conform to all height and set back requirements.
Ozark Fence is licensed in most cities across the Southwest Missouri area. If we are currently not licensed in your city, we will obtain necessary licensing before your job starts. We are fully insured based on industry standards.
Regardless of who builds your fence, the structure should be pine. The reason is two fold:

  • Cedar posts have been shown to rot at ground level, cedar doesn’t do well when it’s in constant contact with the soil. This is a lesson we’ve learned first hand. We have installed cedar posts in the past, but serviced a high percentage of warranty replacements on the posts mainly due to rot. Treated Pine posts are treated specifically for rot.
  • Cedar rails tend to split where nailed. We’ve found that cedar with more than 1″ of thickness tends to split horizontally, originating from the point of nailing. Once again this was a lesson we learned first hand. After years 3-4 the majority of cedar rails we installed showed signs of splitting, which led to a high percentage of replacement. Treated pine rails and posts are dense enough to withstand splitting and thick enough to resist warping and twisting.
Our warranty covers several aspects of the fence:

  • Rot – If any part of the fence shows signs of rot we will replace it at our cost, for a period of ten years.
  • Insects – If any part of the fence shows signs of insect infestation (namely termites) we will replace it at our cost, for a period of ten years.
  • Workmanship – Ozark Fence will warrant the installation workmanship for a period of one year.
The cedar portion of our fencing is a natural product, no more dangerous than climbing a tree or carrying limbs. The treated pine portion is also safe. Each treated product we use is labeled and tagged, meaning that it has been tested and approved by the State of Missouri for direct and constant contact. Further, the fence we install for you is the same fence our family has installed at our houses. Our children and grandchildren absolutely mean the world to us. If there was even the most remote chance that the product wasn’t safe we wouldn’t put our little ones in contact with it, we feel this is more of an endorsement than the State’s seal.
We use a ring shank galvanized nail. This nail is designed to grip the wood and allow for only minimal bleed. Because a nail is metal and bleeding is inevitable even with a galvanized coating, we counter sinks the nail into the picket in an attempt to direct the bleed into the center of the picket versus down the face. If you would prefer screws, we are willing to use them on your fence however it is not recommended. Using screws will drive the cost of the fence up because there is more man hours required during installation. Screws are more likely to bleed than nails even if they are galvanized. The reason there is more bleed is because as the screw is screwed into the wood, the galvanized coating is stripped off of the screw either from the wood itself and/or the drill tip.
We recommend you seal your fence in order to prolong the beauty of your investment. This can be done either by purchasing a penetrating sealant of your choosing and applying per the directions or by hiring a contractor. Ozark Fence is proud to partner with Renew Crew of Springfield for all of your sealing and protecting needs. When you do business with an Ozark Fence partner you can count on the same professionalism and quality service you’ve received from Ozark Fence.



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